New Dead Island Trailer

Deep Silver has released the first in-game trailer for Dead Island and we have it right here for your viewing pleasure. Take a look below as Banoi turns upside down with the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, the once beautiful island paradise turns into killing fields and zombies destroy everything in their path.

Without further ado here is the trailer:

Doesn’t look like I will be taking a vacation on any tropical island for awhile, unless I pack my sunscreen, bathing suit, machete and sawed off shotgun.

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  • Flyingfuck

    Dead island sets the tone for the future of gaming , here is a captivating trailer filled with emotion. Easily a game of the year nominee

  •   Well, I sure hope the Zombie Apocalypse isn’t this weekend, because I still need to stock up on more ammo!Poll: If the Zombie Apocalypse happened today are you prepared?