Orcs Must Die! Wind Belt Spotlight Video

Robot Entertainment just sent us a new video for their upcoming Orcs Must Die! downloadable game. This video puts the spotlight on their Wind Belt weapon, one of the many weapons, powers and traps that will be playable in Orcs Must Die! Here is what they had to say,

The new gameplay video highlight the Wind Belt, one of many fortress defenses that players can unlock as they progress through the game. Harness the power of the wind and kill orcs the eco-friendly way! Shove, push, and launch them into the sharpest, pointiest, boiling-est spots in the fortress. No matter where you blow them, you can’t go wrong!

There still isn’t a set time yet when Orcs Must Die! is scheduled to launch, but it will be some time this summer. You can also read my thoughts on the game from when I got my hands on it last February or you can read Tym’s thoughts of it when he played it during PAX East.

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