Steam Announces New Daily Deal Program

Valve has decided that their digital distribution platform Steam will now feature new PC game deals every single day, as if PC gamers were not getting enough great deals with their midweek madness and weekend sales. Unlike past programs where Steam has put a certain genre or publishers catalog on sale for a special event (Like last week’s EA sale), this seems to be permanent.

These new daily deals have kicked off with a 75% discount on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, putting it at just $5. A new deal will start daily at 10am PST/1 EST. This seemingly marks the end of the midweek madness deals, and it has yet to be seen if weekend deals will continue, perhaps being reserved for higher status games or for bigger discounts. With over 1600 games on Steam it will be a long time till we start seeing repeats.

You can follow the newest sales on Steam’s Twitter or Facebook accounts, or directly through the Steam site or client.

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  • my bank manager thanks you very much for bring this deal to my attention.  🙂  My Steam games library seems to grow each week and this daily deal will keep that trend going