A Simple Question: Online Purchases

There are many things that have come out of the recent PSN outage: the importance of online gaming, the impact on game developers of a central network disappearing, the speed at which people can condemn (and then forget) a product, and the importance of online security when it comes to personal information (to name a few).  One area that I thought might be particularly impacted would be the amount of online purchasing that gamers would do in the wake of all of this.  Obviously, the time period of the actual outage would see a decrease in purchases, but what about after? It brought me to this week’s question:

Will your online spending habits change as a result of the PSN fiasco?

This question covers all systems and networks; XBL, Steam, PSN, OnLive, Amazon, or any other online medium to make gaming related purchases.  What I’m curious about is whether you hesitate now before forking over the information, or if you don’t care anymore now than you did before.  If you want, feel free to elaborate below with how you make your purchases online.  Personally, my habits remain unaffected.  I actually signed up for OnLive during the outage (not related TO the outage, I don’t own a PS3, but I thought it was funny at one point that I’m hearing about the doom of cloud gaming, and I am signing up for a cloud gaming service).  Still, I have talked to a few more passive gamers who are now reluctant to put their information on any server for fear of hackers getting their info.

An interesting side question might be: Does the ease of reporting fraud to your credit card company and getting reimbursed make you care a little less about someone getting your credit card info?

Enough distractions, though.  A lot of you responded this week on Twitter to the question, so let’s see some of the responses:

@Steve519: nope … actually that isn’t entirely true. I did renew my Xbox Gold because of the downtime. I woulnd’t have otherwise

@kweenie: one word: no.

@WCC5723: Nothing will change for me I will still use PSN cards and not a credit card

@crunchychocobo: Nope. There always has been a risk when buying online. I like buying online because I am teh lazeee

@Jeremy_LaMont: Not really. Unless hackers drain my bank account for me. Although, that probably wouldn’t be a big change either. 😛

@markwithers: yes I signed up my entire family to a secure password management online service that generates secure password

@IncreaseBlue: No habit change. Always used PSN cards from the get-go because I was paranoid about credit info on any game system.

@Nikoro: Honestly, probably not at all.

@KCoxDC: Nope. Steam & GOG already own my soul and my bank account. 😉

Thanks to those that responded this week.  Keep an eye out in #PNASQ on Monday when I’ll pose next week’s question.  Want to sound off?  Vote above, and comment below!

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