ABC Reboot Charlie’s Angels


We got a sneak look at the official trailer for ABC’s upcoming TV series, Charlie’s Angels. Although we can’t actually show the trailer here, we can tell you all about the show which starts this fall.

Legendary producer Leonard Goldberg has teamed up with Drew Barrymore to reboot the classic 70’s show. Obviously starring in and producing the big screen reboot(s) of Charlie’s Angels has left Drew Barrymore wanting more (she seems downright obsessed with it) – the question is, have they left us wanting more?

This new take on the hit series does have a lot of good things going for it. There’s executive producer Drew Barrymore (Charlie’s Angels, E.T, 50 First Dates) and Smallville writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar in both writing and executive producer roles. We have three new Angels, Minka Kelly will be playing Eve, a street racer with an enigmatic past, parts of which, I’m sure, will be slowly revealed during the series. Annie Ilonzeh plays Kate, a disgraced Miami cop who lost her job and fiancé. The last Angel is Abby who will be played by Australian actress Rachael Taylor; Abby is a high class girl who turned to a life of crime and became a World class thief. Bosley is being played by Ramon Rodriguez, who seems like an odd fit for the part but the real gem here is the brilliant Robert Wagner as Charlie. Or rather, as the voice of Charlie because as any Charlie’s Angels fan will know, we never get to see the mysterious Angel master. The sad truth is that reboots rarely stay faithful to their source material so there’s always a chance that we will see Charlie. I hope they stick with the original in this aspect though as it really added to the mystique of their boss.

I was actually lucky enough to be around when the original Charlie’s Angels was on the air way back in the 70’s and although it was usually full of cheesy plots with wafer thin excuses for the Angels to wear revealing clothing, it was actually quite enjoyable. A perfect weekend show full of nonsense, action and pretty girls kicking big guys in the head. I have no doubt that this will be more of the same, even though viewers in this day and age demand more from our TV shows. The cast looks good and hopefully that’s not where it ends, if they can also act then this series may actually go somewhere. If it is just about looks, glitz and hefty helpings of action (which the trailer suggests that it is) then I doubt that it will get a second season.

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