Archaia Entertainment Partners With ComiXology

Today marks the day that Archaia Entertainment will launch their acclaimed graphic novel series Days Missing on comiXology. Digital comics are becoming the norm with newer comic readers and what a better graphic novel series than Days Missing at our finger tips. Here is a little more about Days Missing.

From Archaia Entertainment and Roddenberry Productions, Days Missing tells the story of hidden pages from history, where a being named The Steward has shaped the course of human development through his interactions and interference with mankind. The Steward’s powers of time and intellect have allowed him to secretly remove certain critical days from the historical record. As a result, these stories have never been told or their details documented or even recalled. These are the Days Missing from our existence, and they are about to be revealed…

Here is a little more about comiXology.

Since 2007 comiXology has been developing the technological infrastructure to bring comics into the digital mainstream and expose new audiences to the rich history and culture of the industry. Through partnerships with top comic book publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Archaia Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment and Image Comics as well as their own mobile and web apps which hosts over 8,000 digital titles, comiXology has become a leader in digital comic book proliferation. Also focused on creating strong ties with retail stores through its technology solutions, comiXology continues to transform the previously fragmented comic ecosystem into a vibrant and cohesive marketplace.

So be sure to checkout comiXology’s site for more information and be sure to check out their awesome line-up of digital comics while you are there.

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