Netflix Strikes Deal With Miramax

Don’t you just love Netflix? I’m a huge fan of their service and it’s one of the few subscriptions that I don’t think I’ll ever cancel, at least not as long as they keep doing things like this. Earlier this week, Netflix annouced that they finallized a deal with Miramax that will bring even more movies to their Watch Instantly service starting just next month. Some of the movies that were mentioned were:

Bad Santa, Chasing Amy, Cinema Paradiso, Clerks, Cold Mountain, The English Patient, From Dusk Till Dawn, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill Volumes I and II, Muriel’s Wedding, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, Reindeer Games, Shakespeare in Love, and many of the Halloween, Scary Movie, Scream and Spy Kids movies.

Duh, Winning! Netflix once again continues to prove that it’s a must have service for every household.


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