• Tycrow85

     Has anyone else been having problems with this update? I get the error code 3151-335A-1380-2203-C000-0001 which I guess means its a hardware problem but everything worked fine until today when this ridiculous and pointless update showed up. I just want to play live not mess around with PayPal and such.

    • Amanap_1980

      Got the same problem……..let em know if you find a fix to this

    • TC

      Same error here

    • oscar mauricio

      am if I have the same problem who can advise me?

    • My_lil_fire

      the code means you changed your drive you have to get a benq(original drive) install it and then update to get it to work


      Same Problem Dude Ima  Go Try To Go To Fix It at A Store  But i Think We Have To Buy a New Console

  • Tycrow85

     Yeah turns out that code means that your software has been modified in some way by a third party. The only thing I can think of is when I got in a tenth lobby in MW2 and this time a team I was on tried to wall hack, gave me the infection but I said no so I just reset my xbox. Now my console can never get on live but can do everything else.

  • funguy1234

     same here. error with system update.

  •  No update for me yet

  • Heavy Hitter Matthew

     I just finished my update

  • Tycrow85

     Lucky you Matthew, I have to get a new Xbox lol.

  • Kev_harkins

    Its rediculas i hav the same error code and it was serviced by GAME so therefore serviced by an unauthorised MS technician so the console will never work again online. MS need to get there act together if they want to stay involved in gaming consoles, 

  • oscar mauricio

    Who can advise me it does not grab the update and do not want to play on LIVE? I can do please help