Students Buy A Windows 7 PC Get A Xbox 360

This is not one of those scams and is 100% legit.  Students if you buy a Windows 7 PC from participating retailers including and you will get a brand new Xbox 360 (4GB).  Here are some of the details:

Once you are set up with the perfect PC for school and play, there is still more! With this offer, you get an Xbox 360 4GB console with your Windows 7 PC purchase over $699 – no cost and no strings! While a Windows 7 PC is perfect for staying connected to your social networks, surfing the web, gaming and streaming videos, music and more, when you add the power of Xbox 360, you’ve got a world of entertainment at your fingertips. You’ll never lack for opponents with the huge network of gamers playing on PCs and Xbox 360 consoles**, so it’s easy to find friends or players at your level. And it’s easy to stream music, TV and more from your PC directly to your Xbox 360.

That’s it! So if you are a student and plan on buying a new Windows 7 PC (over $699) be sure to check out this deal. What a better way to start off college than bringing along a new Xbox 360 to your dorm room.

Source: Windows Experience Blog

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  • We are getting  a new computer from hp  problem is  I have no idea where to go to sign in to get the xbox   I keep reading  about getting one  but no concrete links where to get it.

    • Check this out Jonathan and I hope this help  Be sure you buy from a participating store

      If you have a .edu email address you can purchase your new PC through
      one of our participating retailers including, (05/26) or
      Microsoft Store.
      If you don’t have a .edu address or prefer to  walk into a store, touch
      the PCs and test their features, bring your Student ID into  Best Buy
      or any Microsoft Store retail location Check with your chosen retailer
      for additional specifics they may have in place.