FEAR 3’s Favorite Son

A new trailer for FEAR 3 highlights the more competitive nature of the game. It seems that as you play through co-op (as either son of, um, her), you will be earning points for challenges and rated on your kills and whatnot where whoever gets the most points is deemed the favorite son.

The challenges actually seem a bit more like Xbox 360 achievement or PS3 trophy requirements (especially the Perfect Soldier one, which seems straight out of Modern Warfare 2’s Knock-knock achievement), so who knows how this will tie into those things or if they even will at all. It does strike me somewhat odd that a score-based system would be implemented in a game heavily revered for its horror atmosphere, but I guess it’s acceptable in the co-op since two players generally have a lot less to be afraid of than one player (such as with Resident Evil 5).

Also, I’m really quite sick of video game (and movie websites for that matter) that are entirely constructed out of Flash. They weren’t cool 10 years ago, and they aren’t cool now. And that’s not to mention the fact that FEAR 3’s website has some just absolutely horrendous UI going on with the age verification and the video browsing bits. Ugh.

Source Joystiq.

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