Horror DoubleFeature 1 Review (Comic)

Title: Horror DoubleFeature 1
Publisher: 4 Star Studios
Writer: B. Clay Moore and Sean K. Dove
Artist: Ryan Browne and Sean K. Dove
Letters: Crank!
Release Date: 05/11/11
Price: $0.99

Last month the awesome new comic app DoubleFeature came out. I instantly fell in love with issue 1 and couldn’t wait for more. Finally, the second DoubleFeature comic has been released. Last month’s comic focused on all out action. This month things get a little scarier with Horror DoubleFeature 1.

Spoilers ahead!

The first 8 page story in this month’s DoubleFeature is Monsterology, written by B. Clay Moore and drawn by Ryan Browne. Monsterology follows two monster hunters, Robert “Cannonball” Kennard and Dr. Curtis Lacy. Dr. Lacy wants to research and catalog all the monsters they meet while it’s Cannonball’s job to stop the monsters from rampaging around. It’s amazing how much Moore was able to fit into this first short story. There is a glimpse of Cannonball’s past, mentions of other monsters and and hints to future stories all in just 8 pages. They get across the idea of the comic and it’s characters but not at the sake of a fun story. Ryan Browne’s art is a great fit for the series. The design for the two monsters in the book invokes old school monster movies and you can tell he is having fun making the monster in the story cause some property damage. So far, this is the DoubleFeature series I am most looking forward to returning.

The second story this month is Kid Cthulhu, written and drawn by Sean K. Dove and letters by Crank! This story is decidedly more creepy than Monsterology. The beginning makes you think it is going to be more Scooby Doo than Cthulhu. The art is cartoony and you have a young person, Nic Ward, walking up to an old creepy house. There is even an old man for this darn kid to foil. You realize that this comic is going to be a little darker when the old man is picked up off the ground and has his neck snapped by an invisible monster. I like the darker edge Kid Cthulhu has. I wish Nic Ward stayed in his regular cloths and that awesome overcoat to battle monsters but that is a small gripe.

DoubleFeature comics come with some awesome extras too. On every page of the story you can see the process of the art; from pencils, to inks, to colors, and the final page. I love seeing the page transform and change from the pencils to the final product. In Kid Cthulhu especially you can see how the colors set the mood of the story. There is also a commentary by the creators of the stories. This is my favorite extra on DoubleFeature. Reading the commentary along with the comic takes the book to a whole new level. It gives you insight into how these stories were made. In Monsterology Browne talks about the inspirations for his monster and character designs. In Kid Cthulhu I didn’t notice that you can kind of see the invisible monster before it’s introduced. I can’t say enough how much the commentary adds to the experience.

I loved DoubleFeature’s first book and the second continues the trend. For 99 cents these books are a great value. Short, fun, original stories for only a buck. DoubleFeature is pushing the boundaries and embracing the future of digital comics. DoubleFeature gets the best review I can give a comic; I can’t wait for next month.

Rating 9/10

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