Nintendo’s Project Cafe: Too Little Too Late?

If you have been keeping up with gaming news over the past few months then you have probably already heard or read something about Nintendo’s next up coming console (Wii 2), codenamed ‘Project Cafe.’ The system is aimed to have next gen graphics, comparable to what we have seen on the PS3 and Xbox 360, along with dual stick controllers that have six inch LCD screens built into them. More details are scheduled to be released at E3, but I just can’t shake the feeling that the entire concept for this console is simply too little too late. In my mind, Project Cafe is sort of Nintendo’s way of admitting that the Wii truly is the gimmicky piece of junk that any true gamer could tell you that it is. Because now that Microsoft and Sony have jumped on the motion controls bandwagon, the Wii doesn’t really have anything to offer anymore.

In fact, everything that Nintendo seems to be doing these days reminds me of watching some poorly practiced magician try and fool me with age old magic tricks, like the ol’ penny behind the ear bit. Sure it works on the little kiddies, but anyone with a shred of common sense can tell you that it’s all just a load of crap. The 3DS with its ‘incredible 3D technology’ is already loosing a lot of its initial hype in the gaming sphere, and I always find myself laughing when I see anything related to it. The Wii has a few good titles, I will admit, but they are simply too few and far between and almost certainly developed by Nintendo themselves. For the life of me, I still can’t understand why a major company like Nintendo would release a next gen console with last gen graphics. What happened Nintendo? Did you just forget that developers don’t like making games exclusively for one console?

Can't wait to see how much these suckers are gonna cost.


The techies over at IGN recently created their own version of the Project Cafe that you can check out here, showing us that the graphics on Nintendo’s new console will be almost identical to Xbox 360 and PS3. That’s great, but the 360 has already been out for six years. I think they missed that train back in 2005. On the bright side, this means Nintendo will finally be able to join the multi platform party and do more than stare with envious wonder at the millions of dollars that they missed out on with hits like Call of Duty Modern Warfare and others.

I would prefer it if Nintendo made me eat my words here, but I think that Project Cafe is just a last ditch attempt to catch up with the big boys in the industry and will be destined to fail. Even if the system is a success, Nintendo will still have to claw its way out of its own grave to even come up even or regain the trust of the gaming community. I don’t think Mario has it in him anymore. I just hope Zelda: Skyward Sword is good… Whats your opinion?

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  • What exactly are you trying to say here? Are you trying to say Nintendo’s going to phase out and be replaced by Microsoft or something? Get real. Nintendo is has too much power for that to happen. So much power that they can choose to release a console anytime they damn choose. Let’s face the facts, Nintendo games are just too good for people to pass up on their console. 

  • Wiinning

    i’ve probably logged more hours playing ps3 online or a solo campaign then what i’ve done with wii.  actually probably 3 or 4 more times the amount of hours.  however, the hours playing wii were way more fun.  the wii hours are more often then not played with a larger group of friends or family members who are actually there with us.  true it was never great for solo campaigns and first persons shooters or even online, but that wasn’t their aim.  they wanted to create an innovative gameplay that can be enjoyed by a larger base.  wiinning

  • Mcscibbs

    Little fact belongs to your article… Nintendo Wii sold 80 million units world wide… I don’t think that qualifies has junk…

    • Guest

       80million units doesnt mean its any good. the wii is quite frankly the worst of all the current consoles.

      • JAy

        Yet the most futuristic right? Kinect sports lol!!

  • Zzzappy

     Yeah… Seeing as the Wii consistently sells more than any other console every year, I really can’t see them enviously looking at other companies with drool on their face. I really can’t. They also sell more games every year than any other company. The actually good games were all ported to the Wii anyways. I don’t own a Wii, I don’t play the Wii, but the gaming community disagrees with you by using their wallet. Any true gamer needs to acknowledge that even though they don’t like something doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

    • FJ

      I completely agree with you my good friend you because someone doesn’t like it it’s junk.

  • Kale

     I think you’re kind of fooling yourself. True, the Wii wasn’t exactly the hardcore gamer’s wet dream, but to cast it as some type of failure when it is, in fact, the console has almost sold more units than the 360 and PS3 combined, reeks of the worst kind of fanboyism.

    Let me just mention that I do own a PS3 and I have enjoyed playing it very much. But I also sort of realize that my having a PS3 is rather inconsequential – I could have purchased a 360 and essentially had an identical experience. When I go to the store to pick up games for my PS3, it’s always somewhat startling to me how if I turn around and face the Xbox selection, it’s almost as if I’m seeing double – the game selections are so close to being mirror images.

    Nintendo has been so successful this generation (much to chagrin of the so-called “core” audience) precisely because it actually does offer something different. You may not like what it has to offer, true, but especially after the success of the Wii and the DS I think what we’ll see Nintendo do is continue to innovate – even if those innovations fall flat on their face.

    • Guest

      An extremely thoughtful comment. Though maybe the author doesn’t even deserve this thoughtful of a reply; he bombed his own piece by making his prejudice so blatantly obvious (and I say this as someone who has never been very impresed by the Wii’s graphics).

  • Gamemaster_33

    I stopped reading after you called the wii a gimicky piece of junk. You obviously are a m$ or $ony fan boy and have no idea what your talking about. I think you should stop writing articles and go educated yourself a little. If it was junk, then why did your beloved pd3 or Xbox copy it? Ya that’s what I thought.

  • Willoberleitner

     I love you nintendo, kisses :-*

  • Noahheartsdrums

    Weird. A Nintendo hater writing a biased Nintendo article.

    How did Nintendo “miss the train”? They were driving the locomotive when the when the Wii came out. That’s why Xbox and PS3 created their own tech. Creating a new console is perfectly acceptable, unless you work for Apple.

    “Completely unfounded!”

  • HyperJerk

     Is this news? I think it’s a bashfest.

  • Mish Mesh Meesh Maesh Maish

    Since when are the quality of games based on the quality of their graphics?

  • A S-rumsby

    Developers have been saying that the new console is “significantly more powerful than the ps3 and xbox360”. IGN’s version of Project Cafe proved that it could run current gen games much faster and with crisper graphics but what you forget is that you also have to consider that when developers specifically design
    their games to take full advantage of Project Cafe’s power it should be an
    even larger jump and bigger difference in visuals than what IGN have shown,
    since these games they are running on the PC are not optimized for the
    hardware, in other words those Xbox360 games that they are using can only go so far in graphical power. It’s like using that PC and comparing the difference between the N64 and that and expecting the PC they’ve built to just produce next gen versions of those N64 games.

  • coolbeans

     whoa-ho, brutal comments! Everyone on here is crying fanboy, maybe they should look in the mirror themselves.  Not the best article, I’ll admit it, but I do know that I own a wii and another console (i won’t name so to avoid ‘fanboyship’) and the wii rarely does more than gather dust.  The whole units sold thing is great, but if you think about it how many people bought the novel system and then forgot about it after the 1st month? Those statistics run closely to a really-hyped but shitty movie doing well at the box office. 

    No, Nintendo isn’t going anywhere, but they are either fine being the specialized niche in gaming and maybe revolutionize gaming again with another great idea. Or go back to its N64 days of being a heavy hitting industry leading title producing console. Like another person stated, they have the resources to do either and I hope whichever they do choose to do doesn’t suck…

  • Sasuki_64

    This was, in fact, a very poorly executed and misleading project by IGN.
    Consoles use code optimized for the hardware, making it many times
    more efficient and impressive.

    This isn’t even scratching the
    surface of what the NintendoHD could do, assuming that the RUMORED
    hardware specs are even correct.

     If IGN built a PC with X360 specs, it
    wouldn’t even be able to run Crysis 2. That’s how much more powerful
    consoles are to their PC equivalents.

    The NintendoHD console will be a truly next-gen beast

  • Bkhova211

     At this point it is useless to question Nintendo sticking with last gen graphics for its current system because it sold there system since Nintendo has always been the innovative company. This would be perfect timing for Nintendo to release its 8th generation system simply because once it is released and with the specs that it will have there will not be a huge difference between Project Cafe and the successors of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Basing it off of the IGN mock up doesnt give the system justice. They used an unoptimized computer that is going to be less powerful than the real system and compared it to ps3 and 360 titles that were optimized to run on the hardware. IF IGN was to make a pc equivalent of the ps3 or 360 I can easily say that there would be no way they could run crysis 2 on 1080p at 60 frames. To add on once E3 comes we will see how Nintendo finds a way to innovate the way we play games again as well as have a solid year or two ahead of the competition

  • Rash Attack

    Nintendo has been the forefront for gaming innovation for over a decade. The main Nintendo game series such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda are the highest rated series in history. 

    The Wii was a huge success.Nintendo are the leaders of the gaming industry and I can not see them falling short in the foreseeable future.

  • g baby

    People dont understand wut the article is saying.. yeah it sold more than the ps3 and 360 combined but that dnt mean its a good console.. a system is rated by games it has.. wii has nowhere near as many games as the 360.. i got a wii.. MJ experience is the only game I play on it.. but be real nintendo could have put alot more effort into what they did.. in my opinion if u dont bring yo A game dont come at all.. and since nintendo held back on so much thts y i call it crap.. love ya Nintendo but gotta be real yall could have done way better than wut ya did.  

  • Rash Attack

     At G-Baby:

    You do not rate a system by the size of its game library. Just because a system has more games than another does not mean it is better. And the only game you play is MJ Experience? Then you are truly missing out. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii, and a host of other games are 5 star experiences that should not be missed.

    • g baby

      Lol.. I played them.. I’m saying at this moment Thts what I play..mj .. and I meant quality not quantity for games library.. most ppl tht I know really can’t remember the last time they played wii.. yes its fun but its every once in a while.. if it ain’t a gimmick Nintendo would have put alot more effort into it.. they should have used a vitality sensor lmbo

  • I lost interest with Nintendo after the N64.  Nintendo’s style of cartoony games with classic characters and new controllers just doesn’t quite compete with the bleeding edge of gaming the other consoles have to offer.  Nintendo needs a system that will truly embraces multiplatform games or they should just go out with glory and become a 3rd party developer like Sega.

  • Guest. Not really – I’m Tyler

    Outstanding comment response to this one. Nintendo’s already said (I think) that they’re not going to get into a graphics war with Sony and Microsoft. And they don’t need to – graphics get old, gameplay doesn’t.

    I still play Super Mario 64 today, and that came out 15 years ago.

    By the way, I’m not saying that ps360 games don’t have good gameplay, but 4/5 of them is focused on graphics and there are just more important things to a game.

  • Illbeyourhuckleberry

    you obviously are a Nintendo hater  and much like 10 years ago when all haters spoke out about the gimmicks of the wii and ds, you will shut up and in 10 years this will happen all over again because everything Nintendo do they do it big homie LLA

  • Illbeyourhuckleberry

    SCRUB ON DECK!! how do you even get a job writing about this stuff you sir are a SCUB

  • Anonymous

    One area that Nintendo has never done well is online gaming. But both PS3 and X360 have great online multiplayer capability in their games. Can Nintendo create a solid online capability like PSN or Live in a very short time? It’s not something that can happen easily. After 5 years, PSN is finally about the same level as Live. Nintendo is 6 years behind Live not counting Xbox 1 Live.

    Even Wii “2” hardware is slightly more powerful than PS3 and X360, most
    non-exclusive games will be about the same as PS3 and X360. Don’t believe it, why all those argument about PS3 is more powerful than X360 but yet very few non-exclusive games look better on PS3 version? Doesn’t know how to program PS3 hardware or the developed on X360 first aren’t an excuse because the end result is the game looks the same on both consoles. The game developers have to want to make the game perform the best possible on each console hardware and that’s costly to do which most will choose to keep each console version about the same. With non-exclusive games will be mostly about the same as PS3 and X360, that’s point of another console trying to say “Mii 2” can do it? Also, is “Mario” really going to look that much more incredible in 1080p with high polygon and textures?

    As for Wii that sold 80 million worldwide, how many Wiis are frequently played like PS3 and X360. If Wii is really frequently played, Nintendo would have posted the number because it’s great to show off in marketing. Since Nintendo has never once come out with an estimate number which seems to
    suggest the number is probably bad because most Wiis out there are
    gathering dusts. I know mine and everyone I know who owns a Wii is gathering dusts.

    Also, it’s going to be a real challenge to sell Wii “2” to all those 80 million Wii owners worldwide. Other than using Wii “2” as upscaler for Wii games, do a lot of casual Wii gamers really care about PS3/X360 types of games? Some will but probably no where close to 80 million Wii gamers. The price of Wii “2” will also be a big factor as it’s going to more expensive than PS3 and X360 unless Nintendo is willing to sell at a lost which is something Nintendo doesn’t do.

    The bottomline is Wii “2” is 5-6 years behind and can only play catch up with PS3 and X360 as “Mii 2” can do it.

    • Thekoolaidmr

       for one, why are you doing console comparisons when we know little to nothing about nintendo’s next gen console. how exactly is a console behind based on online connectivity? you dont know what nintendo plans to do for this new console but im betting that they will definitely improve online gameplay on this new consoles (no friend codes this time) also, you adont know if 80 million people have wii’s collecting dust. every now and then when i pop in smash bros brawl, i always have someone to play with online. and you also dont know about the audience nintendo is targeting. it could be both core and hardcore. dont just make baseless assumptions…

  • ijKs

    There are pros and cons for each big 3 company. Nintendo sells their hardwares because of their 1st party software support. They have the biggest 1st party software support out of the 3. The weakness of the Wii is the online support. For every 1 hardcore gamer there are like 10 casual gamers. Do these casual gamers really care about graphics and online compatibility? Yeah maybe about 30% of them.

    So basically the hardcore gamers probably wouldn’t touch the Wii, the casuals will. Out of those 10 casuals 3 of them will probably own a PS3 or Xbox along with their Wii. Meaning Nintendo will outsell both Sony and Xbox in the console, hand-held arena.

     It is like Apple. To hardcore PC users it doesn’t make sense why people would pay twice the money for half the performance. Apple knows the majority of consumers AREN’T tech savvy hardcore PC users. That is why they recently passed Microsoft as the biggest company.

    Same with Nintendo, they know the majority of consumers aren’t hardcore gamers.

  • Anonymous

    “For the life of me, I still can’t understand why a major company like Nintendo would release anext gen console with last gen graphics. ” 

    Someone clearly wasn’t paying attention during the last-gen console wars where Nintendo’s “last gen” graphics handily defeated the competition. Now basically everyone has a Wii and the competitors have mimicked the Wii’s innovations, Wii sales are slowing down as they scale back to focus on their next console. Yeah it had a shorter life span than the others, but it also didn’t cost $700 at launch.

    Blind hatred does not make for good reading… Just look at the ridiculous tags you put on your article.

  • Nintendoro

    nintendo’s next console is going to outpower PS3 and Xbox 360. They are stepping into next generation of gaming. There’s a lot more to Nintendo’s next machine than just HD games. I am very excited about this one already. I cannot wait untill Nintendo’s E3 presentation to find out more. Their 3ds console is not selling well because of its lack of good titles. there’s just not enough of them at the moment. I had to sell my 3DS because of that reason, but i shall get it again when there will be plenty of games for affordable price and console itself will cost less. And so will a lot of people, who do not see any reason worth spending £200 on. If you all remember, it was the same situation with xbox 360 and playstation 3 when they launched. Lack of titles and too high price of mashine. In time it changed and so it will for 3DS