Ocarina Of Time – 3DS Screenshots

I can safely say that The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time for the Nintendo 3DS is one of the years most anticipated 3DS games to be announced thus far.
This port of the hugely popular 1998 Nintendo 64 game is gearing up to hit store shelves the 19th of this coming June, and I cannot share how excited I am for its release.
Along with the excitement to be able to literally carry a piece of my childhood in my hands, in 3D no less, comes with it a hope that more classic Nintendo games will find their way onto the 3DS.
We already have another of my personal favorites planned, Star Fox 64, which is also shooting for release this summer.
With these classics announced, I can’t help but hope to see more, such GoldenEye 007 for example? Or Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire?
May be a long shot, but it would seem that this is the time for my favorite games from the Nintendo 64 to make a come back, so here is to hope.
Back to business. Here are some screenshots from The Ocarina Of Time 3DS.

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