OnLive Offers Free Game System With Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pre-Order

Onlive has continued its generous pre-order offerings with the announcement that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will  be coming to its service.  If you pre-order the “Augmented Editon” of the game you will get all the standard bonuses associated with that edition (which include the soundtrack, art book and more), as well as a free OnLive Game System, and a free copy of the last Deus Ex game – all for $53.99.  The standard edition of Deux Ex: Human Revolution, which sells for $44.99,  only includes the free copy of Deus Ex: GOTY Edition.

The free Game System, which retails for $100 on its own, makes this quite a good deal, and continues a trend of OnLive bundling the most anticipated  games with their console (other pre-orders that currently include a free console include Duke Nukem Forever and Red Faction: Armageddon).

OnLive, which is compatible with Windows and Mac, is a new digital distribution platform that streams games from their powerful servers to your screen, forgoing the typical high requirements for PC gaming.


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