Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One’s CAKE

When PlayStation Blog‘s Rey Gutierrez got to talk with Mike McManus, one of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One‘s gameplay programmers, he learned (as will you) that the upcoming game’s co-op sensibilities can be boiled down to a simple mantra: CAKE, which stands for

  • Co-op
  • Active for all players
  • Kinetic
  • Easy to understand

Seems to stick pretty well to what you would want from a 4-player co-op game from Insomniac. The rest of the entries in the R&C franchise have been consistently (and exceptionally) kinetic and easy to understand, so let’s hope they really nail down the co-op and the active components.

From what Sid Shuman’s blog post and McManus’ video interview with Gutierrez describe, it seems like co-op is at least encouraged, if not mandatory. Weapons like the Combuster and the Darkstar Fission Rifle both increase in power as more players use the weapons together. And not limited to weapons, things like the Vac-U tool, which you’ve probably seen in some of the trailers, allow you to launch a fellow player through the air (and probably onto a separate section of the level).

You can read more from Shuman with a few Q&A and see a few more screenshots over at the PlayStation Blog. The only thing I’m still questioning is why did Ratchet, Quark, and Clank allow Dr. Nefarious to team up with them? Nefarious’ reasons for wanting to join makes sense, but what did the three heroes see in the villain that is so worthwhile?

via the PlayStation Blog.

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