Dash Race Review (iOS)

Game Review: Dash Race (iOS)
Release: 16/03/2011
Developer: Hans-Juergen Richstein
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 2.1.1
Size: 24.3 MB
Website: Dash Race

When I first approached Dash Race, I had trouble understanding how to play the game, but within a couple of minutes I had already got the hang of it and was destroying the opponent.

As the background of the game is all on squared paper I can assume that this was originally on paper and now has been transferred to an iOS game. I can see the appeal of this game as it really does require some skill to actually win the level. You are a line, you control a line and you have to weave your way throughout a course, some courses are actually really curvy and you will have difficulty and have to plan where you are going to be two corners before.

I originally thought this game would be a racing game, and to a degree it is. With your line, every turn you have the ability to move your line forward one, two or three squares on three different angles. It’s turn based and when you go for the next turn you then have the ability to move forward an extra square. This sounds simple but as it is a race you can be moving forward 10 squares at a time and then encounter a sharp corner, and not be able to “slow” your line down to the stage where you can actually take a sharp corner.

As you progress through the different levels you can also change the difficulty of the computer opponents, for a while I was playing on really easy difficulty, but after trying hard that’s when it becomes unbelievably difficult to the stage where you have to literally run your line around the inside of the corner in a perfect curve. This ability to change the difficulty does mix the gameplay up and with 9 included maps and a couple of paid downloadable tracks, you have a wide variety of Dash Races to do.  If you don’t just want to play against one opponent you have the ability to go up to 3 AI opponents or even the ability to connect through local WiFi or Bluetooth to someone else playing the game.

Fortunately the game is designed extremely well. I could see my self playing this while on the bus or if I get 5 minutes of free time and want something enjoyable to play. Both the Mobile iOS and iPad versions are the same with the same features.


  • Well designed re-make of a paper based game
  • Adjustable difficulty slider
  • Ability to connect through WiFi or Bluetooth to friends
  • Fast, Smooth and Easy to control gameplay

Dash Race is available from the App Store for (59p) ($0.99)

Maybe it will be a free app one day

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