Snark Busters All Revved Up Review (PC)

Game Review: Snark Busters: All Revved Up
Release: May 8, 2011
Genre: Search & Find
Developer: Alawar
Available Platforms: PC
Players: 1
MSRP: $9.95
ESRB Rating:N/A
Website: All Revved Up



Snark Busters All Revved up is the second installment in the snark busters game line. Bringing back the hunt for the elusive snark but this time with a different story behind the search for the sneaky character. Your hunt will take you between a real world plus a world that is mirrored to the real world. You play as Jack Blair a race car driver that will put his life on hold to catch even just a glimpse at the so called Snark.



Through most of the game you will be finding pieces to complete certain items that will then solve puzzles. You will find yourself traveling back and forth through different worlds to collect pieces you need. Triggers in one world can change scenery in the other giving you a whole new view that might have been blocked. Each piece you collect is well hidden inside of the level sometimes you will need to look closely as the pieces blend in sometimes too well.



Jack Blair is your name and catching the Snark is your game clues left around the levels will lead you closer to your goal. Right from the start you must use your wits to complete certain goals before you can even think about a great Snark Hunt. One of the first puzzles is figuring out how to clean of your car while also reassembling pieces of it. Doing so leads you onto the trail of the Snark search. This first puzzle is a jumping off point for the pace of the rest of the game.



Being the second installment it does not deviate from the original in the way of gameplay, players will find solace knowing the game is familiar. Not playing the first one won’t change being able to enjoy this game. Deciding to pick up this game will be an easy choice whether you are a seasoned Snark catcher or not. Finding the pieces was very exhilarating when the final piece triggered an event to happen. One piece at a time you felt like each piece was a stepping stone towards the final level.

The game felt very short to me, it was a total of a day and a half to beat it wish it was a bit longer or maybe a bit more challenging puzzles were included. I found myself having to use the hint button a few times too many as previously stated some of the pieces were impossible to find. Colors of pieces blended too well that they were easy to over look until finally hitting that hint button. Last thing I could say needs improvement is I wish that the Snark Buster series had more titles because they are very enjoyable to play.



If you played the first and enjoyed it you will find the second game enjoyable. Playing the first won’t give you any advantage with the second other then better understanding how to play. Story is very bland but I liked how different areas had something to view the news from that kept you well informed. If you are looking for a great Search/Find game type then look no further then this title.

-Hard Puzzles
-Rich colors
-Found the story a little dry in this one
-Would like some voice acting to be included to see a change
-Hopefully a third one will be out soon

Final score 8 out of 10

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