Xbox 360 Kinect: Where Are Our Games?

So we all went out and bought the Kinect for the holidays and helped Microsoft break the Guinness World Record for the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time by racking up more than eight million units sold in the first sixty days of retail. But what are we supposed to do with it? Sales mean nothing to me, as gamers tend to care more about the product itself and how much fun we can potentially get out of it than how much money a developer was able to rake in. Kinect Adventures was both free and fun, but unless you have a group of friends over, it really isn’t a title you are likely to spend a lot of time with. Many gamers felt let down by the seventeen games that were available with Kinect’s release and were forced to look toward the horizon in hopes of a brighter tomorrow. So what is coming?

The Kinect is an amazing piece of hardware that has spurred the imagination of not only the gaming world, but also many others, as engineers and scientists consider ways that the device could be used to assist in medical procedures and surgery or even to help the blind find their way about by serving as a sort of seeing eye dog. According to Microsoft, some developers who were timid to sign on with the Kinect before its release are now feeling much more confident after seeing the sales records and are already starting to work on their own games for the Kinect. This means that although there are some exciting titles set to launch for 2011 that will appeal to hardcore gamers, such as Star Wars Kinect, Forza Motorsport 4 and Child of Eden, we might have to wait until 2012 for a longer list of games that might fit our pallet. However, if you have kids, then those little rascals will have plenty to look forward to in 2011. I would have loved to play a Kinect when I was a kid, especially the upcoming Sesame Street game.

Still waiting on that second date...

So if you are a Kinect owner, then do not despair just yet! It is rumored that a number of Kinect games have purposefully been kept out of the spotlight until they are unveiled at E3 this year. So if we are lucky, we might have a few surprises headed our way. At least it has been confirmed that Lucas Arts will be talking all about Star Wars Kinect, so that makes me happy enough. But aside from impressing gamers with shiny new graphics and familiar titles, Microsoft also promises to push the boundaries of what we thought the Kinect was capable of in the first place (which is an exciting proposition when you consider what people are already doing). I for one can’t wait to find out more and see what developers are going to pull from their hats at E3, even if I do feel a bit disgruntled about the fact that my Kinect has been collecting dust since Christmas. Perhaps I am being too optimistic…

What Kinect game excites you the most? Is there a particular franchise you are dying to see come to the Kinect that you want to share with the community here at P*N?  Tell us your opinion!

You can check out this link for a full list of games that are currently aimed for the Kinect.

Child of Eden in all its colorful glory

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