Entertainment Consumers Association Free Memebership

The headline is true and all you have to do to get your one year free membership to the Entertainment Consumers Association is head over to Red Bull Gaming and sign up there. No credit card is needed so you will not have to worry about that and the sign-up will only take minutes for you to complete. Here is a little more about the program:

With free membership into the organization, members can begin instantly enjoying the numerous affinity benefits, educational resources and advocacy efforts that are provided to the ECA community. The ECA and Red Bull Gaming will continue to introduce exciting new programs and events that will be announced in the coming months.

Sounds pretty good and the price tag is pretty impressive don’t you think.

For a full list of ECA partnerships and membership benefits head over to their website and be sure to check out Red Bull Gaming homepage when you are done there and complete the the form for your free ECA membership.

Here is a little more about ECA:

The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is the non-profit membership organization that represents consumers of interactive entertainment in the US and Canada. The association was founded to give gamers a collective voice with which to communicate their concerns, address their issues and focus their advocacy efforts. ECA is committed to a host of public policy efforts, empowering and enabling the membership to effect change. ECA also has over 60 chapters across the US and Canada.

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  • Just signed up 😀

  • Brett

    Now open for Canadians to take advantage!

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