Motorstorm Apocalypse Review (PS3)

Game Review: Motorstorm Apocalypse
Release: May 3, 2011
Genre: Racing
Developer: Evolution Studios
Available Platforms: PS3
Players: 1-16
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: T

Motorstorm Apocalypse is the latest installment in Sony’s other hit racing game series. The game is set in an post-apocalyptic era in a place named The City, which is based off of the San Francisco Bay area. It takes place over a two day festival where people just seem to be aimlessly racing.

You know what’s so great about this Motorstorm game, it’s a racing game with a story that doesn’t try to make it anything more than about racing. In the story mode you play as one of three characters Mash, Tyler, or Big Dog. Each of these characters associate with a different difficulty level Rookie, Pro, Veteran. This would have been a pretty cool thing if for not one small detail, to play the next difficulty you have to complete the one before it, so no matter what you have to start out on the Rookie level. And to get all of the story you have to play through all the difficulties, that may or may not mean much to you depending on if you’re a completionist or a huge Motorstorm fan.

Now the gameplay of this is pretty identical to those of the past Motorstorm games. Although there are a few very welcome changes to how the racing goes down. Most, if not all, of the tracks in some way shift at a certain point because of earthquakes and what not going on. For instance in one track you’re heading around the track and it seems like a straight shot for awhile on, but then out of no where the road collapses and now you’re driving downhill for a bit. This makes for exciting gameplay, at least for the first few times you go on that track, it does eventually get a bit repetitive and exhausting if you keep playing on that track, but that first time it happens is what really matters in this game.

This game supposedly has 40 different tracks, while it does actually have 40 tracks they’re not all completely different. Some of them are similar for example, but one of the tracks will be while the destructiveness is going on and one will be after that has all happened. Even so, the amount of actual different tracks it has is pretty fair, but they could of made at least a couple more different tracks.

This new installment to the Motorstorm series also brings new vehicles. The supercar, superbike, muscle car, chopper and hot hatch. I only found the supercar and superbike to be any fun to use or good to control. To me the muscle car felt a bit slow, the chopper wasn’t the greatest at handling, and I didn’t use the hot hatch more than the game had me.

As all racing games should this one has a multiplayer component to it. Now I’ve said this before to many people and I’ll say it again, I’m not the kind of guy who likes to play his games online. This game made me want to play online for as long as I could. After I had finished the story mode I found myself wanting more, so I decided maybe I’ll play a bit more than one or two races online and before I knew it I had played about 15 races. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played a racing game online since the first Motorstorm, but I was really digging it, the game doesn’t always match you up with people in the same league as you, but because of the shifting environments I guess it doesn’t really have to.

If I’m correct this is the fourth installment in the Motorstorm series, that’s a fair amount of games to be had in a single racing series. I know Gran Turismo is now at number 5 and probably won’t stop, but I feel like the Motorstorm series should start thinking about packing up. While this installment was very fun, I don’t exactly know where they can go with the series from here and it is usually best to stop when you’re at your best rather than going down an incline as fast as you can.

  • Story does what it should in a racing game
  • Shifting environments are a welcome change
  • Tracks don’t vary as much as they could

Final Score: 8 out of 10


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