Aspen Comics Joins Forces With ComiXology

Another publisher has joined up with comiXology this week and by the headline you can see that Aspen Comics joined forces with the digital comic distributor comiXology.

“We’re excited to finally usher our Aspen line of books into the digital marketplace, and are thrilled to be teaming up with comiXology to make this a reality,” said Frank Mastromauro, President of Aspen MLT, Inc. “This will give our fans greater access to our current catalogue of titles, while also providing potential new readers with a wide choice of different avenues to jump into the Aspen Comics universe.”

Here is a list of digital Aspen Comics to be released today:

Executive Assistant: Iris Preview (Free)
Executive Assistant: Iris #0 (Free)
Executive Assistant: Iris #1
Executive Assistant: Iris #2
Fathom #0/Preview (Free)
Fathom #1
Fathom #2
Shrugged Beginnings (Free)
Shrugged #0 (Free)
Shrugged #1
Shrugged #2
Soulfire #0 (Free)
Soulfire #1
Soulfire #2

Did you notice a few of those comics have free after them! Be sure to check them out, you have nothing to lose.

The first wave of the comiXology launch will include 15 titles, including some of Aspen’s most popular series, such as Michael Turner’s Fathom and Soulfire, the critically acclaimed series Executive Assistant: Iris and Shrugged, and several more available at launch and to be announced. Individual titles from Aspen will be priced on comiXology from $.99 to $2.99 depending on issue size, with over-sized titles priced accordingly, and every introductory zero or preview issue offered for free. Aspen and comiXology will also be offering full series sets of Aspen’s various titles for a discounted price.

Be sure to head over to comiXology and check out their huge catalog of digital comics and while you are there be sure to grab up some of your favorite comics.

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