inFAMOUS 2 And The Beast

Nate Fox, game director over at Sucker Punch, stopped by the PlayStation Blog yesterday and delivered a new trailer, teasing the confrontations between inFAMOUS 2‘s hero/villain Cole MacGrath and a mysterious creature hellbent on destroying Cole (or everything, whatever) known only as the Beast.

Push past all of Fox’s fluffery, and he actually reveals some intriguing story beats. inFAMOUS 2 actually opens with you and Cole being categorically outmatched by the Beast and forced to flee from MacGrath’s hometown Empire City and retreat to New Marais, the game’s new setting.

This sets up the story for Cole needing to find new powers and abilities so he can take down the Beast and save New Marais. It’s a nice way to keep character progression but not having to fall back on the God of War method of starting out overflowing with power only to be stripped of everything and having to rebuild yourself all over again. Keep an eye out for the game to drop June 7th on PS3.

Source PlayStation Blog.

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