Inside inFAMOUS 2’s Hero Edition

Every AAA game release nowadays has at least one special edition for retail (and usually a few extra special ones not for retail, too), and inFAMOUS 2 is no exception. Its flagship collectors set is called the Hero Edition, and boy is it full of some doozies. Thankfully, PlayStation Blog has the full scoop with an unboxing and plenty of pictures.

Aside from being an unusually large box, the Hero Edition comes absolutely brimming with things any inFAMOUS fan could possibly ask for. To start with, you get an 8.5″ statue of Cole, posing atop a roof in New Marais. It looks great, which is no surprise considering it was hand-sculpted by Dave Cortes of Inu Art, the man behind some of the McFarlane Toys action figures (and more!).

You also get a pretty sweet sling pack. I love when video game collector editions have practical goodies that also fit into the game’s world. Having just bought a new laptop bag, I can tell you that if I could have gotten inFAMOUS 2 and this Sly Cooper-emblazoned pack, I would have held out. Oh, and the in-game content and comic books are also nice.

Of course, all of this is nothing new from when the release date (June 7th) and Hero Edition were announced earlier this year, but it’s nice to put some pictures to the goods. I really don’t know if I’m going to be willing to pony up $100 for this box set, but I do know I’ll be pre-ordering the game at least. Who’s with me?

Source PlayStation Blog.

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  • Ive already done just that lol!