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I would like to set aside my controller and ask that you take a minute and read on.

As a lot of us know the US has been hit with some devastating tornadoes, not only have they left a lot of people with out homes, but people are still missing and over a thousand of people have perished in the south. So what does this have to do with games and why on a gaming site? Well I will tell you. As my family and I were watching the nightly news a segment came on showing the devastation the tornadoes have left in it’s path, and young boy was being interviewed and he explained how his family lost their entire home and he was thankful none of his family died, but he was upset that his video games that he saved up for were lost in the tornado. I was taken back, this poor child lost everything and his cherished video games. This got me thinking I waste more money on games and some I have played and didn’t care for and now the will just sit in my library collecting dust.

Now I don’t know this courageous young boy but I had to see how I could help and I found a couple of links you may want to checkout. Every dollar donated counts for the devastated part of the US and for the price of your next DLC purchase you could make a huge difference and if I knew the young boy from Missouri I would love nothing more than to get his video game collection started again. The links below will not get this young mans collection started, but will help with relief efforts in the US that have been stricken by the tornadoes.


Help the Children

American Red Cross

United Way

Just some quick advice remember to only donate to organizations you are familiar with never give credit card or bank info to telemarketers that may call, even if they say they are with a charitable organization you may have heard of. Be aware scam artist thrive on others misfortunes.

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