Splitfish Bringing Frag FX Shark Controller To The Xbox 360

Splitfish, well known for their alternative PlayStation 3 controllers , have decided to finally show the Xbox 360 some love.  Today they announced that the FragFX Shark , their premiere model for the PlayStation 3, will now be receiving an Xbox 360 compatible version.

The controller, which meshes a mouse with a nun-chuck (channeling a Wii-esque design), promises to give PC players the same control and superiority on the 360.  Both parts of the controller feature 2.4ghz wireless connectivity. The FragFX Shark promises 50+ hrs of usage off just 2AA batteries, and fully customizable controls, dynamic stick-swapping, and a rapid-fire feature (the press release notes SixAxis support, while the web description mentions a “programmable motion feature”. Hopefully meaning the mouse features the same motion sensor as the PS3 counterpart that acts as an additional programmable button).

However unlike the PS3 version, which uses simple plug and play compatibility, this 360 version of the Shark has to be jury-rigged a bit to avoid the limitations of the Xbox hardware design.  You will need to have a wired 360 controller plugged in to help the FragFX Shark do its thing, which is certainly an inconvenience, but might be worth it for players who just cant get their minds (or hands) around console controllers.

The FragFX Shark 360 will be available at the end of August 2011 for $89.

As a personal owner of  the FragFX Piranha I would like to note that the FragFX series of controllers does not emulate a mouse completely, while it does a good job of providing similar functionality, do not expect a perfect copy of the PC experience.  On the plus side the mouse is also compatible with both PC and Mac, making it more than just a one-trick pony.

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