Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Hands-Free?

Today IGN UK reported an interesting find on the Marketplace. The purple Kinect Banner was present in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier entry, insinuating that we may possibly see Kinect compatibility with the game at launch. While there has been no official statement, this will certainly fuel the rumor mill until it is either confirmed or denied.

What do you think? Are hardcore shooter games like Ghost Recon able to be done using the Kinect? Would any of you buy a Kinect to use with Ghost Recon? Let us know!

Source IGN UK

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  • sumdude

    what was wrong with the old style of control that we are used to? the point of trying to immerse someone in a game is to have them do it with as little movement possible so that you feel as if you are carrying out the actions on screen and that’s whats so appealing about games from both a story telling aspect and from the game-play itself. Motion control as a concept has merit but they are really going about it wrong in my opinion.