Mario Kart 3D Not Coming In 2011?

Nintendo have been reassuring us that its biggest franchises (Zelda, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Super Mario) were hitting the 3DS this year. In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto did back up these claims for all except one of these titles: Mario Kart 3D. Discussing his focus on the 3DS and its triple-A titles planned for release now through the end of the year, Kart was dissappointingly forgotten from his mention:

“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be released in June, Starfox this summer and Super Mario 3D, which is completely original, is coming this year. I am involved with these titles and Mario Kart.”

I won’t complain about lack of titles, since at least those three are planned, but could this mean we won’t be playing a Mario Kart 3D until 2012?


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  • MrGreen9

    how does this mean/imply that it won’t be out in 2011? it says nothing to that extent, and also, this is a translation, he could have easily been misquoted. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. When I read this it just sounds like he’s reconfirming the other titles for 2011, and just mentions Mario Kart at the end. They have been pretty tight lipped about Mario Kart, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing. It’s totally possible that he was told not to say anything more about that game before E3.