Resistance 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

Hot on the heels of the kick-ass reveal of Resistance 3’s Olly Moss cover art, the pre-order bonuses for Resistance 3 have now been laid out for all to see. SCEA product marketing specialist David Bull breaks it down at the PlayStation Blog, so we’ll do our best to give it to you straight.


While Joseph Capelli was just a supporting dude in Resistance 2, he’s taken on the leading role in Resistance 3 (considering what happened at the end of the second one where, well, you know) and this bonus highlights that fact. At GameStop you can come away with a replica of Capelli’s necklace of Chimeran teeth and a multiplayer booster that allows you to get a jump on the competition and start right away at level 5.


Wal-Mart has a lot less going on with just offering five custom name titles for multiplayer, so if you’ve always wanted to have the word “Sentinel” precede your online presence, this might be for you.


Amazon gives you back the Air Fuel grenade from the past Resistance games, which makes me kind of sad because now I know that they took out the Air Fuel grenade for no particularly good reason since they can so easily and arbitrarily put it back into the game.

Best Buy

Best Buy gives you a Nathan Hale skin for your online shooting funsies, but Nathan Hale from the end of Resistance 2. You know, the Nathan Hale that just never managed to find time to get to an inhibitor station and instead let the Chimeran virus take him over and give him creepy alien eyes. Oh, also, you can swap out an ability in online matches for a taunt command. Useless, you say? But how else will you be able to convey your multiplayer arrogance?!

Canada and Other U.S. Retailers

And then in Canada and other U.S. retailers, you can get a Black Ops multiplayer skin. Well, not Black Ops in the Call of Duty sense but rather in the Resistance special operations troops sense.

It seems to me that GameStop is where it’s at. Look for Resistance 3 to hit store shelves September 6th.

Source PlayStation Blog.

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