Shogun 2 Receives New DLC

Publisher SEGA and developer Creative Assembly have just released the Ikko Ikki Clan pack for the latest Total War title, Total War: Shogun 2. The Ikko Ikki Clan pack makes the rebel Buddhist faction the Ikko Ikki Clan playable both on the campaign map and in multiplayer, and also gives access to the Ikko Ikki monk. Adtionally , there are eight new unit variants for the Ikko Ikki Clan as well as the Warrior nun unit type for all clans besides for Ikko Ikki. Also featured is a brand new historical battle featuring the Ikko Ikki, new Ikko Ikki avatar armor sets, a skill tree for the Ikko Ikki Generals, ten new Ikko Ikki character retainers and new Steam achievements. This is all available on now for the price of $5.00 on Steam.

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