Free To Play The Only Way

Hellgate: London launched in 2007 and proved to be a not so profitable venture for developer Flagship Studios. Unfortunately they were forced to shut down due to bankruptcy. Flagship Studios and Hellgate: London then slipped off the MMO Maps. Thankfully, HanbitSoft swept in to pick up the lost intellectual property that was dropped with the help of Korean MMO developer T3 Entertainment and its North American publishing arm, Redbana, Hellgate is being finally being brought back to North America for the first time since it was shut down on January 31.

“Hellgate,” as the game will now be called dropping the London portion of its name, is a third-person action-RPG . Looking to get your hands on Hellgate the wait won’t be long as it will be going into a very short closed beta next month. Beta testing will run from June 3 to June 5, with the full game expected to (re)launch later in 2011. Not a far departure from the original concept of a upgrade through subscription Hellgate will be Free To Play.

Word from the official site:

Welcome to the gates of Hellgate Global! Please enjoy your stay!
We will give out CBT keys soon so make sure to constantly check our website and forum site for further announcements!
As you can see, we already have events lined up for CBT! We’ll have the complete event banners ready soon!
There’s going to be enough CBT keys for everyone so don’t worry about not being able to beta test!
See you soon in-game! (CBT is on June 3-5, 2011)

For more info, check out their sites,, their Facebook page and their Twitter @HellgameGlobal

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