President Obama Receives The Witcher 2 From Polish Prime Minister

Recently, President Barack Obama visited Poland on the end of an exhaustive six day tour of Europe. While in Poland, Obama met met with
Polish Prime Donald Tusk in Warsaw and elders who were involved in the Solidarity movement, a worker’s movement that peacefully dissembled the Communist party in Poland. Obama praised the history of the country and stated in a press conference with Prime Minister Tusk that ” “Poland can play an extraordinary role precisely because they have they have traveled so far so rapidly over the last 25 years.”

Now politics and history are great and all, but what exactly does this have to do with gaming?

Well, in his meeting in Warsaw, Obama was presented with some of the crowing achievements of Polish entertainment, including an iPad with many notable Polish films pre-loaded on, including Katedra (The Cathedral) and several English-translated novels that were signed by acclaimed Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski

But among those crowing achievements presented to Obama, was Geralt of Rivia, and his all-new game The Witcher 2.

That's Geralt's "I'm a crowing example of Polish achievement" face.

Now surely Obama is way to busy to immerse himself in a fantasy RPG universe, but it’s still a testament to the Witcher 2’s prominence, not only as a video game but as something with great cultural and social relevance in Poland.

Source: The Escapist

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  • Cepwin

    That is very cool!  Too bad, as you say, he probably will never crack the case and play it 🙁
    (Humm….too bad Pope John-Paul II is no longer with us….wouldn’t it be super cool, given all the work he did for freedom in Poland, for him to have the opportunity to play though the game too.)

    • That would be great, although I’m not sure how Catholic the whole experience would be for him. I don’t think Lech Walesa was at the meeting either, but still, it really is a testament to the medium in general that it can be considered a cultural/artistic achievement in Poland. 

  • I officially want to become president, 60 bucks is too much if I can just get it free. 

  • *way too busy.