Could NGP Be Sony “Vita”?

E3’s almost here, and there’s tons of news that’ll come out. Naturally, everyone’s looking for the next big blockbuster. Nintendo’s Project Cafe will be revealed on June 7th. Sony and Microsoft’s shows on Monday will obviously reveal some upcoming plans. Sony’s may include the name of NGP, and it just may be PlayStation Vita.

Originally announced as Next Generation Portable or NGP, Sony’s new handheld is on it’s way for release late this year. Including a touchscreen and rear touchpad, Sony’s successor to the Sony PSP adds much-requested dual analog controls. Rumors are circulating with a purported image showing a new title, “PSVITA”, implying “PlayStation Vita”. If this is the title, Sony would be eschewing the logical “Sony PSP 2” name.

What do you think? Do you like Vita? Are you more interested in what Project Cafe’s final title will be?

Source: Kotaku

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  • Definitely not, the next Sony device will not be ‘Life’ in Italian 

  • Phony Sony

    When the hell they gonna drop the playstation name? There so fckin unoriginal that they cant come up with something new themselves?

    Nintendo created that name in the mid 90’s. Nintendo Play Station. Look it up.

    • Pete

      ^^ they didn’t. Back then, Sony was working with Nintendo to build a CD-addon for the SNES, which was originally codenamed “Play Station”. When the collaboration fell apart and Sony decided to pursue console gaming on their own, they picked up the name.

      Nintendo didn’t come up with it, it was Sony, while developing said CD-addon.