Gulf Of Oman And Sharqi Peninsula: Battlefield 3

More details have been released about the Back to Karkand DLC for those that pre-order Battlefield 3. This time over on the Battlefield Blog, they go into the concepts into the two remaining maps, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula.

You can see some very early concept art that we designed here at DICE to get a feel for what these new versions could feel like. Don’t read too much into them, though, as concept art will never be proof of features, content, or even final visual design.

You can see both of the concepts art images above, they both look great. I’d love to see the night fighting that shows in the Sharqi Peninsula. They also went on to give us more clarification about the Back to Karkand DLC:

There’s absolutely no way you can pre-order Battlefield 3 and not end up with the Limited Edition (with the exception of Italy, where the cut-off date for the Limited Edition is September 30th). Battlefield 3: Limited Edition in turn entitles you to the expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand once it is released (after launch, date to be confirmed). If you pre-order, this bonus content will be yours at no extra charge. If you do not pre-order, you will still be able to buy it when it is released (price to be confirmed). The goal from the separate development team behind it is to make it every bit as ambitious and full of content as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Closer to the launch of the base game, we will be able to show you just what that means.

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