How Long Should Our Games Last Us?

How long should a game keep our attention in order to be deemed worthy of a fifty to sixty dollar price tag? Just how long should a game disk spin about within our consoles and PC’s before it is forgotten and then reluctantly passed back into the hands of your local game store for a fraction of its original value? I think it is safe to say that six to eight hours has become the bare minimum for the length of a game’s solo campaign, but it is also safe to say that most gamers have come to expect more from a game than just a single player mode. Multiplayer games such as Halo and Call of Duty have managed to keep people enchanted for impressive lengths of time until their next installment is released, but the spell seems to have weakened slightly when compared to almost a dozen years of Counter Strike.

I love video games because they almost always seems like they are getting better and better, but when I step back and look at the big picture, I realize that I have almost forgotten just how fast things are moving. New games, innovations and gadgets are coming out every day and we are all eager to try them out for ourselves before moving on to the next one. But do these products still have the same lasting value as their predecessors, or is it the consumers that have changed? If I were to leave you on a deserted island (which happens to have electricity…) with a copy of any single player game that has come out within the past year, would you be able to get the same seemingly endless joy out of it as you did with your favorite games from the past?

So many fond memories...

Speaking for myself, I tend to blow through games much quicker than I used to, but would hardly say that they aren’t quality products because I have had some wonderful and jaw dropping gaming experiences over the past year. But the question of replay and or lasting value still remains ever present as I play through each new game and begin to consider how long it will manage to keep me entertained. Today’s games are often lucky to talked about for more than a year before becoming distant memories, as gamers are already beginning to get bored with L.A. Noire and sites post up news for upcoming sequels before most casual gamers have even tried it out. Some games are meant to only be played through once or twice, while others like StarCraft can be played for years.

How much time do you spend with modern games? Maybe you only buy one or two games a year. But if that is the case, then how do you make the judgement call on which game will provide you with the most enjoyment? If, on the other hand, you do buy games rather frequently, how many hours of fun and exciting game play would you say is sufficient enough to deem it worthy of your hard earned cash? Have there been games that did not live up to your expectations? Are developers attempting to pump out quantity over quality, or are games just as good as they always were and we the audience have simply begun to rashly skim over them? Tell us your opinion.

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