Import Trophies From inFamous To inFamous 2, Get Rewards

If you own a PlayStation 3, there is a high chance that you’ve played inFamous 1. The shockingly good game was a huge hit for the console and with millions of sales, inFamous was a must play for PS3 owners.

InFamous 2, the sequel is due for release later this year. And keeping in mind that you are still using the same PSN ID and potentially still have your save for inFamous. Then you’re in luck, as IGN are reporting that you will be able to import those trophies into inFamous 2 and unlock yourself some rewards.

The rewards aren’t huge, but they are a welcome edition to any inFamous fan that’s excited about jumping into the sequel with a bit of an upgrade. Check out the bonuses and what you’ll need to unlock them when the game released below

  • Finished the game on any difficulty: 1,000 starting XP
  • Have obtained a Good or Evil Trophy: Start with level 1 good or bad karma
  • Have found 25 percent of the blast shards: Energy core (health bar segment)
  • Have found 50 percent of the blast shards: Two energy cores
  • Certain unspecified “decisions” also result in changes in side missions, Dead Drops and dialogue

Source: IGN

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  • Disciple027

    Are those the only bonuses? Or just a few of them? I hope they give out some kind of cool bonus for having the Platinum trophy.

  • Looks like I better get playing inFamous

  • Just deleted my inFamous saves before I read this article. FUUUUUUU…

    • Majin72

      That shouldn’t be a problem as long as you still have the trophy data.  If you deleted that, then you’ll have to play the game twice again to get all of the trophies.

  • Majin72

    Yeah, I’m going to have disagree on the “shockingly good” part of this and go with “shockingly bad” after get led in by the hype machine created around it.  The game was nowhere near as good as the reviewers believed it to be, or how they were payed to report it to be.  To be above an 8.0 means the game should be exceptional and inFAMOUS was far from exceptional, sitting at a rock solid 6.0 if there ever was one.

    Still, that only means that the sequel can only be a step up, so here’s to be optimistic about that. 🙂