DJ Hero Developer Stays Open

As most people will already be aware there will be no new Guitar Hero release this year, while people still argue and debate whether this means the franchise is dead or just on hiatus there has been one major unanswered question.

 What will happen to DJ Hero?

 It seems that now we have an answer, somehow FreeStyleGames have survived where others like Bizarre Creations have fallen. FreeStyleGames have suffered some casualties though with approximately 35 people being made redundant.

 In a statement to Develop creative director Jamie Jackson said

 “Over the past three months we have examined a number of options for our studio’s future with Activision Today we are excited to share with our fans and community the news that we will continue our strong partnership with Activision, with work starting on a new, innovative project.”

What this “new, innovative project” actually is is still unknown, perhaps we will see something at E3 later this month.

via: CVG

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