Dungeon Siege III Demo Now Available

Yes Dungeon Siege fans it is true the demo for Dungeon Siege III is now available for the Xbox 360.  It is a 1.21 GB download so be sure you have the space on you HDD.  Here is a little more about the game.

The noble legionnaires protected Ehb during the War of Legions, when the old Empire tore itself apart. At the War’s end, the commanders of the 10th Legion established a new and independent kingdom of Ehb. Throughout Ehb’s history, the Legion provided stability and protection, but they left rulership of the kingdom to an independent monarchy.

As years passed, the Legion became increasingly powerful. Its influence grew to rival the monarchy.

Then, thirty years ago, Ehb’s king was murdered, and blame was cast upon the Legion. Led by the young and charismatic Jeyne Kassynder, the people rose up and slaughtered the 10th Legion, tearing down their proud chapterhouses and estates.

With the fall of the Legion, the kingdom has fractured into petty states and free towns. Most of the country has fallen under the sway of Jeyne Kassynder, who controls the Church and eastern Ehb. Her power is steadily growing. The royal court has retreated to the mountain fastness of Glitterdelve, in the west, and the bustling city of Stonebridge has declared itself a free and independent republic.

For more information visit the Dungeon Siege III website.

Dungeon Siege III is set for release June 21, 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

To pre-order your copy click on any one of the pictures in this post and you will be taken directly to where you can pre-order Dungeon Siege III for your favorite console.

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  • it’ll take a lot of my will to resist buying this on release but at least now I can grab the demo to check it out