Skarlet Draws Blood In MK DLC

Surprise, surprise — Mortal Kombat is getting some DLC. Skarlet, a fluke of a character if ever there was one, will be joining the tournament.

Let’s face it, palette-swapping and Mortal Kombat go hand-in-hand. But, when it came to Mortal Kombat II, not all of the palette-swapping was intentional — occasionally the female ninjas would glitch and turn red. This is how Skarlet was born. No longer a simple glitch, she has been given new life via DLC. Watch the video for a sneak peek at what she’s capable of.

No word on the content’s release, but Skarlet will be making an appearance at E3.

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  • She looks so awesome. I’m starting to like this game because of Scarlet. She’s quick, sexy, and bloody. I just love her moves. 🙂