SnakeByte Headset Striking At E3

E3 2011 in LA is coming up fast and SnakeByte has an interesting package of new products in the works for visitors.  In addition to the just announced DarbeeVision HDMI cable and the RE:VOLT Power Station for the PS3, the Sunflex team will be premiering the new Naga Headset for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at the SnakeByte booth.

The new headset is custom-made for gamers and includes some especially interesting features:

•        Universal Stereo Headset for PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360™ and PC

•        USB driven, integrated amplifier with independent game and chat channels

•        Folding design with large, padded ear cushions

•        clone :com technology on board: connecting a second headset enables co-op communication

Looking for a headset that will put a little venom into your gaming then look no further then SnakeByte. E3 will be the proving ground whether the SnakeByte headset will be a deadly blow or just a scratch on the surface. Players of any game genre should find these headsets to work well with any of their gaming needs or systems. On the go for gaming tournaments or just to head to a friends house to game no worries the headsets are easily packable with a folding design. SnakeByte will also integrate a special feature clone :com technology on board connecting a second headset that will enable co-op communication.

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