WWE ’12 Announced – Big Changes Coming

THQ accounced earlier this morning that they are bringing some big and new changes to their WWE Franchise. Besides dropping the Smackdown vs Raw in the title, they also told us about these new features:

EXPERIENCE THE NEW WWE! – WWE Action is redefined with new Predator Technology! This new system delivers a fresh and strategic gameplay experience that looks, feels and plays better than ever before. the gameplay you have demanded is finally here with the most fluid WWE action and realistic animations to date in a WWE videogame, improved A.I. and an all-new Breaking Point submission system!

DYNAMIC TV PRESENTATION – Witness the most electrifying presenation in all of sports entertainment. A dynamic new broadcast camera system and badder visual presentation replicate everything you see on WWE’s television broadcasts. New rendering and lighting technologies will provide the most realistic WWE Superstars, WWE Divas and WWE Legends and best-looking in-ring action to date.

CREATE AND SHARE YOUR WWE – WWE ’12’s best-in-class creation suite gives you the ability to create Superstars, entrances, finishing moves, storylines, Highlight Reels and all-new capabilities never before seen in a WWE videogame! Go online and upload your creations to share them with the WWE Universe and download creations from others to add to your own experience.

WWE UNIVERSE 2.0 – Take control of your WWE career in a bigger, badder and better WWE universe. Your actions determine your destiny and shape your experience, as storylines, matches, alliances and rivalries are built based on your decisions.

ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA – The Road to WrestleMania is fraught with action, drama, challenges, storyline twists and truns, and surprises. Which road will you pick, and what story will you tell, on your way to the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment?

The community team over there also posted an interview here with the Creative Director, Cory Ledesma. The interview is a pretty good read and Cory with a lot of questions being asked.

Q: There has been a ton of game franchises that have taken on a new name. Is WWE ’12 just a name change? How will we know? What is your favorite (other) franchise re-invention?

Cory: WWE ’12 is far from just a name change. Our goal has been to create a brand new experience with a new, high quality animation system, a new renderer and a new strategic gameplay experience that will look, feel and play substantially better than its predecessors. When you play the game, you’ll notice right away that you’re spending less time on the mat mashing buttons and more time enjoying the action with a faster paced gameplay flow, simpler game controls and the most fluid and realistic animations the game has ever seen. This is a true franchise reboot and not just a name change. It’s also an investment toward the future of the franchise, giving us the opportunity to use our new technology to push the game to new heights never seen before.

They released a bunch of new screenshots, see them below followed by the new debut trailer.

For those of you that want to buy the game, why don’t you pre-order right now from Amazon. Doing so will help us keep the lights on. Thanks everyone.

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  • Brandongeist

    Im the biggest wwe fan ever and ill be the first person to buy it and thats a fact

    • sebato

      already bought it. the above is now a fallacy.

  • Berserk

    I hope this road to wrestlemania isn’t as crappy as all the ones before up to this day story moades on these games still haven’t reached the height of some of the older ones such as here comes the pain and down anything after that they sucked, you could only play with certain superstars and had to do what they said you had to do, either make it more free or make it better cause of right now it sucks. and stop taking off certain moves up to this day i’m still upset they took off test running big boot that was always my finisher when ever i play now i refuse to use those ungodly moves they call big boots, and also i hope they stop mixing the finishers with the normal moves they have just gotten lazy and don’t want to make separate  moves, leave finishers in finishers and go and actually put on some proper moves for the normal maneuverers

  • Emotears1

    THQ is on there last legs lol. Still bet it will be the same divas restricted no more than 6 in the ring and so on ill stick with No Mercy cause it has May Young 

  • Deathstarslut

    Give me Big Bertha Faey , Alundra Blaze ,May Young and ill be happy same as emotears 

  • Cyber #_Bitch

    new game play who cares we want our legend divas for a change its just a few  divas we asked for years. Divas need to be able to be in 6 man matches and royal rumbles hahah you guys want big bertha faey more i think of it id like that . May is on the roster now but never in a game strange,  but yea Medusa/Alundra would be great doubt it will happen though THQ never listens if they had brains they would let women be in all matches they dont have to fight men just be in all matches  i miss my diva royal rumbles i haven’t had fun since hear comes the pain

  • Temarunuim

    yeah muthaphukkas wwe 12 is coming bitches good bye svr hello 12 BIATCH

  • ledgendkiller

    i hope that thq fixes all the glitches in the game  i got glitched so much online i just gave up on svr 2011 that made the game no fun and alot of people stopped playing it because of that and the gameplay in the ring needs to be a little bit faster to make it seem as realistic as possible also bring blood back in the game…

  • Ahmed Wael K

    will the nexus and corre be in

  • rebel time
  • Brettrussell

    anyone wanna bet randy orton will not have a rtw? mabye theres a new face of the wwe

  • zidane

    where the entrance is that bit i wish u could throw them off that
    more wwe superstars
    Punjabi Prison match
    instead of 5 wwe superstars doing wtrm do more
    different storylines
    like great khali and jinder mahal
    more matches (e.g ambulance match, stretcher match, 

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  • Necbookings

    I really hope this does not turn into an arcade style of game so they can sell more units to kids and if it’s going to feel just like wwe TV then it won’t be worth buying, I really enjoyed SDVSRAW because of the gameplay. True wrestling fans do not want an arcade game we want a wrestling game, I’ll be very upset if the game does not present matches like real pro wrestling matches and has a fighting game style like they have tried in the past with previous smackdown titles, legends of wrestlemania, and all stars which all sucked

  • EdgeHead23

    i hope they still at least add edge to the roster

  • Viper

    Randy Orton the Viper is a beast

  • Kebabzeller

     to this game i would ask something like career mode like in svr 08 and better create a brand like you would have a draft and also in WWE universe that you could choose a path not like you will be contender to every title like in svr 11

  • karamwwe

    bring back rated rko theme and entrance Rated RKO FTW