PlayStation Store Is Up And Running!

As a lot of you may already know the PlayStation Network Store is back online and a huge line-up is available for download right now. The one thing you will not be able to download as of yet is any of the great Welcome Back perks that Sony is offering, but at least this is a start in the right direction. While logging in some may be experiencing problems such as receiving error codes (80029780) or not staying logged on. Have no fear this is due to the large volume of us logging into the PlayStation Network Store all at once. I was able to log into the store after receiving the error code within minutes, also I was logged off at one point and was able to reconnect and stay logged in with out a problem.

So be sure you checkout the the huge line-up that is available on the PSN Store for download right now over on the PlayStation Blog .

We wont keep you any longer, now go get your game on and checkout the PlayStation Network Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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