Steam Sales 6/2/2011


Currently Steam is hosting a series of sales on a few classic and upcoming PC games. Starting off with a Weekend Deal on the entire Red Faction series, from now until Monday you can get Red Faction 1, 2 and Guerrilla for 75% off, putting the classic entries in the series at just $2.50 each and Guerrilla at $5.  Or you can preorder Red Faction: Armageddon and get all three previous games for free! If you already have one (or all of them) you can gift the extra copy to a friend. I would highly recommend Red Faction: Guerrilla which is a steal for only $5 (you can read the Platform Nation review here) .

To celebrate the release of the Escalation map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Steam has provided all users with a free weekend pass to the game. From now until Sunday you can play the multiplayer portion of Black Ops for free, assuming it wont take you that whole time to download all 6GB of it.

Then the classic action-stealth game Thief: Deadly Shadows is only $5, and the city building sim Cities XL is only $10. To top it all off the daily deal is 66% off Telltales’s  complete Tales of Monkey Island games for only $11.90.

So any PC gamers out there load up Steam and get buying! There are tons of deals this week for all kinds of gamers

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