Free DLC For Dead Island Pre-Orders

Like so many others, I was blown away by the Dead Island trailer. There has never been a game trailer like it and it alone created enough stir amongst the gaming community to result in a CVG nomination for the most anticipated game at this year’s E3.

If you’re like me and eagerly awaiting Dead Island’s release I have good and bad news. The wait just got harder with the announcement of a free DLC when you pre-order at GameStop. Talk about a sweet deal. How many times have you bought a game only to have to pay another $10+ for a DLC less than a month later? With a Dead Island pre-order you won’t have to worry about that.

The DLC, titled Bloodbath Arena, will include survival challenges and additional maps as well as a blueprint that allows you to MacGyver a baseball bat with an attached saw. Do you think Frank and Chuck just email their ideas to the island?

Don’t procrastinate on this one. If you don’t pre-order the DLC it will cost you ten bones ($10) and there’s still no word on whether or not zombie bones are accepted.

If you still haven’t seen the groundbreaking trailer you can check it out below. Proceed with caution though. Platform Nation accepts no responsibility for minds blown.


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