Free Game Friday: Dungeon Siege III (Xbox Live Demo)

Welcome back to Free Game Friday! This week’s offering is a bit exclusive. You’ll have to forgive me for moving off the beaten path of ‘free for everyone’, but after playing it I had to showcase it. Next week I’ll be back on track. So in the meantime, if you live in the USA and have a Xbox Live Gold Membership then read on! If not, check this game out instead.

Yes, Dungeon Siege is back. Dungeon Siege III, made by Obsidian Entertainment (makers of Fallout: New Vegas) and published by Square Enix (Makers of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest), brings some good ol’ fashioned 4 player fantasy co-op goodness to the masses. Playing through the demo last night, I had brief flashbacks to some of my favorite games of yore. Games like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Golden Axe, and Gauntlet. Ah, the good times and the sore thumbs.

Anyway, this rated T for teen free demo for Xbox Live Gold members was released in the US on May 31st. So if you fit the bill, why not head to and put it in your download queue?

What do you think of this week’s Free Game Friday? Do you like it? Loathe it? Do you have a suggestion for next week’s free game? Tell us in the forums!

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