UFC Undisputed 3 Has Plenty Of New Features

The next installment in the UFC Undisputed series is due January 2012.

Today we have been treated to some information about new features coming in the game.

Any fan of the first two games are going to be happy with the new improvements to the game, with an increased focus on the intense toe-to-toe combat and a new PRIDE mode.  Also, any gamers playing this series for the first time will be happy that you can choose between traditional or simplified gameplay controls.

The new PRIDE Mode enables players to fight within the renowned Japanese MMA organization, with Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros as the commentators, the realistic environments and ability to execute soccer-style kicks, head stomps and ground knees to the head. This sounds like a fantastic addition to the game.

You can already expect more than 150 UFC fighters in the game. Get ready for UFC Undisputed 3 to come to Xbox 360 and PS3 in January 2012.

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  • I really hope they take their time with this game and do it right.  It has so much potential, I’d hate to see it fall flat again.