Black Ops Escalation DLC Coming To PS3

Yeah, I understand. It really sucks that Microsoft have the exclusive access to the Call Of Duty maps packs before Sony. Thankfully, the wait for the latest Map Pack ‘Escalation’ is finally over for PS3 owners.

On June 10th, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack DLC will be available for PS3 owners worldwide for $15 (the same as X360/Steam).

Not only is the map pack coming out, but all weekend on PlayStation Network will be a double XP weekend so you can get stuck into the new maps.

Check out Platform Nations review of the Escalation Map Pack here.

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  • taternuggets

    if you like the zombie mode…. the new zombie map is worth the $15 on it’s own.  Been playing it for about a month now on my 360 😉  

  • Rreavis

    I can’t wait