Mixing Tech With Trees; Or Is It A Grass?

I am like the Hank Hill of bamboo. I love bamboo and bamboo accessories. I even love saying the word bamboo.


What makes bamboo so great, you ask? For one, its strong and durable. And, for two, its one of the fastest growing plants which makes it a highly sustainable crop. In short: bamboo is eco-friendly and that’s why I love it. I especially love when companies like Grove incorporate bamboo with the technology I use on daily basis.

Grove is a small business in Oregon that makes fully customizable iPhone and iPad cases from 100% moso bamboo (panda safe). You can pick the shade of bamboo and whatever laser etching you’d like. Don’t see an etching you like in the artist series? Design your own. If you prefer not to have a laser etching you can always choose to leave your case au naturale (no, that doesn’t mean they will only send you a stalk of bamboo).

The prices vary depending on the option you choose in regards to laser etching. Plain cases are the cheapest, artist series etchings will cost you a little more with custom etchings being the most costly.

I have two iPhone cases from Grove and I can personally attest to their awesomeness. There are a few downsides, however. The prices are a little higher than what you would pay for most competitors’ cases but if you like supporting small eco-friendly businesses it’s well worth it. If you’re looking for a protective case, this is not the case to buy. These cases are not made to protect your phone from a drop out of a second story window. This is an aesthetic case for the person that wants their iPhone to look exceptionally good while they’re holding it, and believe you me, it does look good. Due to the small nature of the business production times for custom orders can take some time. If you’re a have-to-have-it-now type of guy you might want to order the artist series or a plain case.

Let’s face it, when you have the coolest in tech you need the coolest in cases and that’s why for a one of a kind, eco-friendly case you should look no further than Grove.

Buy your new case here.

For those of you still wondering about the title: bamboo is classified as a grass.

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