Platform Nation Podcasts Week In Review – June 5

Here is this weeks wrap up in Platform Nation’s community podcasts:

Portal 2 – Spoiled in 60 Minutes
Check out Mike Phillips as he is joined by Greg SewartJames Chilton, and Davide Vigliotti as they completely break down Portal 2 in every single aspect.

FyFYI Episode 98: Geralt and Bill, Sitting in a Tree
Are you ready for a another FyFYI staring Pett Dodd and Billy Bill Black? Be sure to check out their 98th episode as they hit up E3, Vanquish, The Witcher 2, LA Noire, Crysis 2 and so much more.

Video Game Jocks Podcast 6/1/2011
The “Best Looking Podcast on the Internet” is here to talk about Black Ops (shocking), Portal 2, LA Noire, Call of Duty Elite, E3 Wants and Desires, Modern Warfare 3′s Launch Date, Disney Universe, The Hangover 2, Mad Men, Geordie Shore, the NBA Finals and more. How do they manage to wrap all that into a single episode?

Episode 192: Vitavitavegamin
On this week show, the full crew shows up for another entertaining episode of the Rumble Pack. Topics for this week include, Patapon 3, Boobageddon in Dead or Alive Dimensions, Windows Phone, Hydro Thunder Go, McGyver, CoDBlOps subscriptions, grabbed ghoulies, E3 predictions and…Inuyasha?

Critical Strike 74: Chiptunes Tres!This weeks must listen to episode.
Josh Bicknell mixes together an amazing chiptunes montage. Artists in this episode: minusbaby, syphus, criticalhit, The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Starscream, Cornbeast, Dr. Szliszka, Chetreo, SMILETRON, Nullsleep, Arcade Superstar, Wizwars

To check out any of these episodes, just click their picture above, it will take you right to that episode page where you can get more information about the show as well as the ability to direct download it or listen to it from the page itself. Are you a twitter user? If so, be sure to follow all the podcasts hosts in this handy Twitter list we made up for them.

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