[PROTOTYPE 2] Thoughts And Hopes.

Our new protagonist.

When [PROTOTYPE 2] was announced I had mixed feelings about the game. First of all, the big change was that our main protagonist from the first game was no longer our friend, but our enemy. Sgt. James Heller was our new tragic hero, coming back from duty, to find his wife and kid murdered. Heller lost everything to the Plague that infected New York, he stepped into the Red Zone to hope to die. However, Alex Mercer had different plans for him, this is where [PROTOTYPE 2] changes shift. Alex infects Heller, and now he finds himself with the same viral powers of Alex, if not even more powerful. Heller vows revenge, ” I will kill Alex Mercer.” How will the fan base react to this? Personally, I wish Alex was back, but I like that Radical is keeping it fresh with Heller.



Other questions remain though, how will [PROTOTYPE 2] succeed its predecessor? A few trailers and screenshots have been released since the game was announced, and graphically the shape shifting game is looking much better. The improvements aren’t enough to really have that “wow” factor, but the game doesn’t release until some time next year. Radical still has plenty of polishing time, I will say though that NYC does look more detailed than the previous title. Something that really caught my attention though is when Heller is using tendrils or the blade, they glow orange, which I think is really cool since the powers in the first game resembled more of the Venom symbiote (From the Spider-Man Universe).
On another note, combat and powers, we have seen Heller use tendrils, signature arm blade, and a glimpse of the armor. It feels a little stale to be honest, but we haven’t seen much yet, here’s hoping Radical will surprise us at E3 with awesome new footage. In the previous game I loved the upgrade system because there were tons of moves, specials, combos, and upgrades. Here is hoping that Radical will build on this already awesome system, and surprise us with new crazy powers.

Don't mess with a guy with claws for fingers...

[PROTOTYPE] had a decent mission structure, some of them were repetitive however. It seems though that open world games seem to suffer from this. With an such an open city, and very little enclosed spaces it seems difficult to change mission structures and the pace. Radical can learn from Rockstar games though, Red Dead Redemption being an open world game had a really good mission variety. I have high hopes for [PROTOTYPE 2] hopefully Radical will up the ante with the sequel and give us a bigger and better experience. Please I’d like to read all of your thoughts and wants for [PROTOTYPE 2] comment away!

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  • Good first piece! What types of added mission variety would you like to see?