The Darkness 2 E3 Trailer Analysis

A couple of days ago we posted the first gameplay trailer released for the upcoming The Darkness 2.

There are plenty of things to miss in the trailer as it cuts by each scene pretty fast. So just in case you missed anything, here’s a breakdown of the first Darkness 2 trailer:

The Darkness 2 is a sequel to the hit 2007 game. You once again follow the story of Jackie Estacado, this time two years ahead of the first game. Following the events of the first game, Jackie now runs the Franchetti crime family and has gained some ability to control his The Darkness so he could rise to the rank of the boss.

Unfortunately, another mob is out to get Jackie and after an attack, The Darkness is once again unleashed within Jackie. Not only do you have the problem with the other mob, but “The Brotherhood” organisation is also trying to steal the power of the Darkness. Let’s get into the trailer itself.

Jackie is in a pretty bad state. With plenty of people out to get him and take the Darkness from him, it’s no surprise that he starts the trailer getting nailed to something.

As far as I’m aware, this guy is the leader of The Brotherhood. I’ve heard that he might be called “The Crippled Man” and that might make sense when you see some close ups later on.

In this scene “The Crippled Man” has an accomplice, I doubt he would be significant in the story but he sure can do a powerful hit.

The voiceover states “You’ve been keeping something that was once lost, something that doesn’t belong to you. Now you have to choose to give it back“. This can only mean the Darkness. If you look at the mysterious device behind him. I can only assume that this is attempting to remove The Darkness from inside of Jackie and take away his powers. Jackie really is in a bad state.

I warned you that he wasn’t the best looking guy. The whole left side of his face is extremely burnt and destroyed and in the previous scenes he’s hobbling around with a walking stick. What history does Jackie have with this guy? Why does he want the Darkness so bad? What caused his injuries?

The Darkness made you watch your girlfriends murder” he says. If you didn’t get to this point in The Darkness then I am sorry to spoil it for you, but Jackie’s girlfriend was brutally murdered in the first game, right in front of Jackie and he couldn’t do anything about it, The Darkness prevented him from rescuing his true love. Jackie is extremely affected by this, throughout his mob life this has been hanging over his head.


And here is it, The Darkness. The ultimate power. Jackie’s power. And in The Darkness 2 the darkness looks meaner than ever. The detail is phenomenal.

If you need an example of how powerful the Darkness is, here is it. All innocently the Darkness is holding a guy up by both legs. What could possibly happen?

Well, that’s pretty much a perfect example of the new power of the Darkness. This attack is called the “Wishbone”. Ripping the person apart down the centre. Absolutely awesome!

In The Darkness 2 you will be able to dual wield and shoot weapons alongside controlling the Darkness too. Also known as “quad-wielding”.

You can pick up many things from the environment to throw at the enemies, whether it be car doors or fan blades. All will completely shred them in half in the most horrific way.

Car doors can be used as shields too.

The memory of his girlfriend still at the front of his mind, there will be no abundance of flashbacks to her.

The voiceover for Jackie states “I’m stronger than you think” just as he rips one of the blades out of his impaled hand and jabs it into the side of the guys face. Wherever Jackie is, he does not want to be there and will do anything to escape.

And the trailer leaves us with the sweet voice of Jackie’s girlfriend. “Jackie, make it stop“. Is she dead? Isn’t she? She must be, right?

The Darkness 2 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 4th, 2011. The trailer leaves plenty to be explained, but I’m sure in the coming months we’ll find out more. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more Darkness 2 coverage.

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